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Making Equipment Your Own by Espresso Parts

Written by David Ringwood


What are the benefits of customizing equipment? Custom equipment can be a theme setter, add value, personalize, add functionality and help streamline the workflow process and rhythms of a café or bar.


As a theme setter, the equipment can incorporate colors, surface finishes and aspects from the overall café or bar design. The equipment then becomes a focal point for this theme or plays a supporting role to the overall aesthetic.  


Additionally, customizing adds value to equipment by making it unique or “limited edition”. It is also a way to pair equipment with the space and feel of a company making the overall business more desirable and valuable. It can be a business growth catalyst that influences image, brand recognition, local popularity and “word of mouth” advertising.


Custom equipment reflects the diverse flair and personality of all those in the industry, from the tame and traditional espresso sipper to the wild exhibitionist doing a handstand while pouring a rosetta. Customizing showcases the aim and focus of a business, helping it stand out and to differentiate itself from others in the industry.


Functional customization can turn an ordinary machine into an extraordinary tool for creating beverages. Off the shelf functionality of equipment can sometimes be a hurdle for visual flow and cohesion on the customer side of the bar as well as affect productive workflow behind the bar.


In the past, stock machine function was a given we all accepted and worked with. Customizing gives you the option to reassess machine function, flow and the barista/machine interface. It gives you the opportunity to have your equipment modified to meet your wants and needs.


Of course there are limitations to what can be done based on your machine choice, budget and availability of qualified custom shops, but the options to modify and innovate far outway the limitations.


Customizing helps bridge the gap between the equipment manufacturer and the barista by shining a spotlight on aspects of machines and grinders that barista, cafe owners and the industry would like to change or enhance. It helps push those involved in the industry to innovate and influence the “status quo” for specialty coffee.


Here are a few inspiring examples of recent custom jobs:


Espresso Parts Custom Faema E61 Design & Custom Mazzer Robur Grinder

E61-Custom-Shop_1 E61-Custom-Shop_back

Espresso Parts Custom Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Design

Black-Eagle-Custom-Shop_1 Black-Eagle-Custom-Shop_back

Espresso Parts Custom La Marzocco GS/GB5/GS3 Hybrid DesignHangar-Custom-Shop_1Hangar-Custom-Shop-Back

Choosing to customize your equipment is an excellent way to influence the look and feel of any setting. It’s a great way to impart a bit of your own personality and flair, effectively influencing the experience customers and coworkers have in your space.


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